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We utilize the latest nesting software to ensure maximum material usage and lower part cost. We accept CAD files in DWG , DXF and IGES formats.

We can also create CAD files to your specifications .

Laser Processing

We employ two laser cutting machines to service our customers. One new fiber laser and one CO2 laser. Our capacities are 78″ x 156″ sheets, cutting up to 1″ mild steel, 3/4″ stainless steel and 3/4″ aluminum. Our CO2 laser is 6 axis thereby allowing us to cut square or round tubing as well. We also cut exotic materials such as titanium, inconel and high strength alloys.


We operate four press brakes to speed up production. All machines are CNC controlled with up to 6 axes. Our capacities are 40 ton, 5′ long up to 150 ton, 10′ long. Programs are stored for repeat orders to ensure accuracy.

Welding & Assembly

Our welding and assembly team have experience in all types of assemblies using all types of materials, from custom electrical boxes to large generator and machine enclosures, we have the knowledge and experience to consistently produce quality products.

Spot Welding

Spot welding is done on our 100 KVA spot welding machine, ensuring strong welds up to 10 gauge mild steel and 3/16″ stainless steel.


Shearing is executed on our 30 ton guillotine CNC shear. Capacity is 1/4″ mild steel, up to 10′ long.


We are able to roll form metal up to 60″ long and 3/16″ thick. Typical applications are cylinders and cones.


CNC punching is programmed offline and downloaded to our 50 ton CNC 20 station turret. Capacity for this machine is 1/4″ mild steel and 3/16″ stainless steel and it can handle sheets up to 48″ x 144″. Similarly, we have a single station punching machine that enhances production for parts requiring minimal perforations.


We offer various metal coatings and finishes to suit your needs. Please let us know what type of finish you require and we will be happy to facilitate your request.


PAF Metal Products is  a well known and established custom metal fabrication shop in the Concord area. We have been in business since 1989 and we have been laser cutting since 1997.

We serve several industries:

  • stamping
  • aerospace
  • store fixtures
  • lighting
  • furniture
  • machinery manufacturer
  • architectural
  • electrical

We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are satisfied with the end product, combining decades of experience to help you create the finest custom metal fabrications in Ontario.

We would be pleased to have an opportunity to provide you with a quote on your next project.

Please send us an email at quotes@pafmetal.ca with your request for a quote!